Sunday, 6 November 2011

Song Battle: SHINee Japanese Replay VS Juliette


These two songs were awesome in Korean. Now that they are remade for the Japanese charts, which of the two do you like more?

Juliette was more mature with more of an upbeat tempo compared to Replay. But Replay is one of my favourite SHINee songs! I must say the concept for Juliette was better with the whole masquerade theme. Ahh Minho! :)

Looks like someone went crazy with craft glue and scrapbook materials LOL.

I quite like the masks, but some of them look like they came from a hardware shop. The clothes really annoyed me, especially all the pink that was draped over Key's body =.="

I have seen the Replay MV so many times, I can memorise the dance lol. SNSD's Yoona plays the girl that everyone likes -envies-
But both MVs have more or less the same story. They all find a girl they like, fall in love, and discover they are attracted to the same girl all while dancing happily.


I think I like Replay more. This song totally owns Juliette in terms of dance and vocals.

 -Whistle- S-s-song for my Juliette! UH!

~I call  your butterfly~

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