Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Confessions on Infinite's Dongwoo

This isn't really a confession, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY OPPA! ;D

Dongwoo is on the top half of my Infinite biases. If Infinite were my family, he would be the uber cool big brother that is just adorkable!

When I first got into Infinite, I honestly thought they were all clones of each other except Dongwoo (red hair) LOL

I just love him to bits. His massive smile, his awkward laugh, his awesome rapping.. AHH he is just daebak! (besides his Nothing's Over hair -shiver-)

The mushroom hair is just so wrong, in so many different levels.

But really, I love him because no one else in the music industry looks like him. And he is just so down-to-earth!

I have totally raped the replay button with this video:

Oppa Rapping:

Oppa looking sexy:

Oppa with aegyo:

Oppa cross-dressing:

Now we got that out of the system,
Infinite FTW!

~Don't lose your temper so so so quickly~

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