Friday, 5 October 2012

Confessions on 100%

So 100% is the second and newest boy group of TOP Media, which also houses the group Teen Top. Usually I don't put a lot of detail into rookie groups and debuts, but 100% is definitely a group to watch out for!

100% is consist of 7 members including a former Jumper member Rockhyun (’91). Jumper was a duo who debuted in 2009, though they never officially disbanded, the 2 member group disappered after releasing 2 singles. The other members of 100% are Minwoo (’85), Jonghwan (’92), rappers Chanyong (’93) and Changbum (’93), Hyukjin (’93), and Sanghoon (’93).

Everything about this MV is flawless: the choreo, the music, the beat. Everything is just so damn perfect!! .. except the fact that they were blessed with a crap concept. Even if the intro is VERY similar to Teep Top's debut hit Clap, it is still an excellent song with great vocals, notably from Rockhyun who sings the chorus.

What is really odd is the leader is 27 this year while their maknae turns 19, and that is HUGE gap!

Okay just to clarify, this is how sync they are in practice:

It is perfection. Like everything is just so effing perfect.
They are like as perfect as my Infinite babies.

It saddens me how they aren't that popular yet.
Prior to debut they filmed a variety program with Teen Top called Teen Top Rising 100% in which they battled in set games, much alike those in the variety show Infinity Challenge.

HAHA OK so this was posted on 100% official YouTube page a few days ago and it is HILARIOUS.

So we have SM Town. JYP Nation. YG Family. DSP Paradise. Cube United.
now TOP Brothers.
currently praying that Andy doesnt decide to make a girl group or else that'll be awkward.

Listening to: BtoB - Press Play

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