Monday, 22 October 2012

Confessions on PYL (Premium Younique Lifestyle)- MAXSTEP

For practically every diehard SMTowner, I think the ultimate wish is for an official SMTown collaboration. Well, THIS is what you’ve all been waiting for! Remember that short clip that Kai, Eunhyuk and Taemin danced to at SBS Gayo Daejun in 2011? Well after about a bajillion years of waiting (trust SM), they FINALLY released the full song.

Even though it’s a promotion song for Hyundai and SM’s collaboration, it still doesn’t stop this song from being completely epic (in my opinion at least). It features Eunhyuk of Super Junior, Henry of Super Junior M, Hyoyeon of SNSD, Kai of EXO-K, Luhan of EXO-M and Taemin of SHINee. The group itself is 5 guys, 1 girl and 6 members in total. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

OH YES! ;)

Ok, to the actual song. If you’re like me and you don’t mind dubstep THAT much (I don’t like all dubstep ok), then this song should be your song; if you can get past the over processing. Seriously. Hyoyeon practically sounds the same as everyone else because of how much they processed her voice. :/

Since it’s from SM you can’t escape the SM flair. Maxstep is like a cocktail mashup of TVXQ’s Keep Your Head Down and Catch Me meets SNSD’s The Boys and EXO’s MAMA.

Also another characteristic of SM songs… the ENGLISH! WHAT THE CRAP IS MAXSTEP SUPPOSED TO MEAN!? I don’t know how this is supposed to advertise a car but for some reason it reminds me of Max Changmin…. >.> Apart from the nonsensical title, pronunciation doesn’t work in their favour, which the processing doesn't complement either. For starters, the first time they say Maxstep in the beginning of the song, I thought they were saying “let’s dance”. That’s how bad it is sometimes. The rest of the times they say it; it ends up sounding like “dubstep” or “next step” or practically any other word or phrase that ends in “step”.

Admittedly most of them aren’t known for having the strongest vocals in their respective groups, but rather I think the main selling point of this song is the performance and the dance, which is fine for a group comprised of the dancers of the groups.

The teasers for the supposed MV for Maxstep. 
Part 1

Part 2

My only comment is that who doesn’t want to see sexy guys and a sexy girl draped over sexy cars? ;)

Can we get more SMTown collab songs SM? PWEASEE!!??


The Full MV has been released! :D

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