Monday, 1 October 2012




WE ARE BACK FROM THE DEAD! Okay so over the past few months I have been uber busy with school and life in general, but I have decided to reboot Confessions in the Cube with the help of Admin S, who is my outlet of my kpop venting and my kpop sister from another mother. Lol. Okay so we are back! Please wait a bit while we catch up and rebuild everything we missed. Omfg Beast comeback, NU’EST comeback, Super Junior comeback, BAP comeback, ZE:A comeback, LIKE EVERY ONE ON EARTH CAMEBACK. So anyway, I hope we do an even better job than last time and you continue to support In the Cube. dw it will be EPIC. MORE EPIC THAN HUNHAN. OR JONGKEY. OR EUNHAE. OR KAISOO. OR ANY OTHER EXISTING HOT OTP. Fighting!!

I’m falling down till the end as if it’s for show but I’m alive
There’s nothing more to lose now, I’m gonna push the past behind and jump out
The image of me falling deep is so beautiful
I’m even more alive at this moment
I’m still alive

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