Sunday, 15 July 2012


Hello everyone,

Firstly, forgive me for not updating in a long time. Things have been difficult and I have lost the motivation to continue blogging at this moment in time. I am still keeping up-to-date in the K-pop world, but it is hard work to mantain this blog single-handedly with floods of comebacks behind every new week and still keeping my sanity at school with my 16 year old life.

Confessions in the Cube began in 1st November 2011. Until this post at this time and date, I have had over 30,000 visitors. Thank you to everyone who visited, commented and read all of my nonsense. 사랑해! I will not delete this blog, but I will no longer post anything from this point onwards. I will continue to monitor views and comments, but I apologise that nothing new will happen.

Thank you for understanding. Who knows, perhaps sometime in the future I might return. But in the mean time I say goodbye to Confessions in the Cube. Thank you for being there to share my confessions.

Never stop the K-pop!

Thank you.

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