Monday, 22 October 2012

Confessions on AOA (Ace of Angels)

AOA is the newest group from FNC Entertainment which also houses groups like CN Blue, FT Island and solo singer Juniel.
What made them very interesting was the 7+1 concept; 7 'full angels' who sing and dance live and 1 'half angel' who only performs in their 'band' form.
AOA debuted at the end of July with their addictive track Elvis:
This song grew on me a lot... Usually I don't like these pinky-girly-fairyfloss groups and themes but oh god this song sticks in your head.
So now there's Madonna, now Elvis... What's next?
When they perform live, usually the performance is cut in half: one half like any ordinary idol group that sings and dances whilst the other half is formed like a band with 5 members including their half angel.
Sometimes I think I'm going lesbian for their leader Jimin...
Yeah lol ok don't judge!
But her voice is really distinct and she isn't a bad rapper in my opinion.
After a break, they are back with their comeback Get Out.
Hyejeong - 'Kill Bill'
Jimin - 'Léon: The Professional'
Choa - 'Legally Blonde'
Yuna - 'Tomb Raider'
Chanmi - 'Harry Potter'
Mina - 'Breakfast at Tiffany'
Seolhyun - 'Romeo & Juliet'
Y - 'The Fifth Element'
I don't know why but I love their MVs!
The song is just ordinary tbh
Nothing really stands out and makes the song memorable...
Except the dance omg the dance is raunchy O.O
but so was Elvis..
Yup ok I think that's my confession: their dances sorta turn me off...
but their MVs are pretty good and they have an interesting concept!
Go check them out if you haven't, they are really a group to look out for if you like this style
Listening to: U-Kiss - Cinderella

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