Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Confessions on Kim Sunggyu's "I NEED YOU" MV

OMG... I was not expecting this GLORY. Definitely a VERY pleasant surprise.
I LOVE IT~ It's so aesthetically beautiful and matches the delicate feel of the song. EUGHHHHH....

Did anyone else recognise the stairs at 1:54?

EXO Kris [Teaser]

Big Bang- Beautiful Hangover

Sunggyu- I Need You
Hehe. :)

The smoke near the end was also perfect. Hnnnnnggggg.... *more inhuman sounds exit my mouth* Not to mention the final few seconds where he looks back over his shoulder towards the camera and then walks off... ajf;dsursakfr;suars

I really like this side of Sunggyu. It suits him really well. :)

+Admin K

Listening to: Nell- Holding Onto Gravity

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