Monday, 14 January 2013

Happy KaiSoo Day! (13.01.2013)

As you readers may know, us admins here at CITC are big stans of Exo.
So we'd like to take this opportunity to wish our two boys
Kyungsoo (12.01.2013) and Jongin (14.01.2013) a very Happy Birthday!

It's been a little over a year with Exo. 
Congratulations to you 12 who have persevered and come a very long way.

I hope you have fun with your 6 Macbooks and 5 cakes, Kai...
Make sure you share and be nice to Se Hun.
 It's been a joy to watch you perform and be yourself so far.
Continue to persevere and work hard and keep derping.

To our dearest Do Kyungsoo,
I hope you continue take care of yourself and the rest of the members, 
seeing as they said you play the Umma role.
Continue hitting your high notes and stay happy and positive.

To the rest of the members,
rest well, take care of your health and we'll see you soon.
May 2013 be as brilliant as 2012 was!

And to our dearest readers,
Thank you for supporting us for another year.
We apologise for not updating sooner and would like you wish you 
a (late) very Happy New Year.

We hope 2013 treats you well and we hope see you in the coming months!

Much love and Happy New Year,
Admin S 

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