Friday, 18 January 2013

Confessions on Kim Jaejoong's "MINE"

If last year was the year of the Junsu, then this year must be the year of the Jaejoong (and next year the year of the Yoochun?). Well, Jaejoong is finally releasing his own solo album (his first I believe) called 'I' with the title track 'Mine'.

Track list
1. One Kiss
2. Mine
3. 내안 가득히 [There`s Only You]
4. 나만의 위로 [Healing for Myself/My Only Comfort]
5. All Alone

Firstly does anyone else think that the title track 'Mine' doesn't completely integrate into the rest of the album that well? The others seem to be very smooth and slow and then Mine is rock-ish and faster paced? Let's just say it's more likely to make you headbang while listening to it than the other songs? However...

WHAT IS THIS GLORY!!?? There is just so much in this MV to talk about that my mind can not comprehend it and put it to words right now. 

There's "bound" Jaejoong...

...epic slow-mo running Jaejoong...

...then "WHAT ARE YOU WEARING!?" Jaejoong...

...and finally finishing with Angel Vampire Jaejoong.

Sets, lighting, makeup, clothing, props, cinematography, everything was amazingly beautiful and totally fit the song. It gave the whole finishing product a very J-Rock Visual Kei feel to it. I loved everything!! Except for that... thing... I can't even describe what he was wearing. 

As for the rest of the album my favorite songs would have to be "All Alone" and "내안 가득히". Jaejoong's wispy and breathy voice I think suited those the best. 

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  1. OMG, I just completely agree! It was perfect!!