Saturday, 21 January 2012

My Christmas Present

I was very lucky last Christmas. I guess Santa acknowledged that I was a good kid keke...


Although they were a tad late, I couldn't complain about anything about my concert DVDs. It was absolutely the best Christmas present ever! Went Up & Down at the SHINee World, then put my Hands Up for the Big Show. Set the roof on Fire at Nolza and Shook it Up at the Super Show... ah, that was a bit lame haha. But the only thing that can triumph over all that is actually GOING to these shows!

But I'm a bit poor to fly to Korea, so I'll put that idea aside for the moment. So for the next few posts, I will be reviewing each concert seperately, describing the packaging, content, staging, vocals and performance.

 Out of the four, I enjoyed 2NE1 Nolza Concert the most. YG did an excellent job with the stage set up and the performance was full of energy and colour.

Super Show 3 was slightly disappointing in that for its 3 and a half hour duration, I felt somewhat bored halfway through it all. Yes their dancing was impecable, but their songs and performance got slightly repetitive.

I will individually go through details soon. In the mean time, Keep K-Popping!


Feeling like a mad person right now... 'CAUSE I LIKE IT LIKE IT LIKE THAT!


~So many things I wonder why
What can I do to make it right
Everything will be alright
So JoJo just tell me why~

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