Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Confessions on Baby Soul + Yoo Jia's She's a Flirt

WOOLIM!! Wae everyone is so beautiful?!!

Earlier today, Woolim Entertainment unleashed their new female duo, Baby Soul + Yoo Jia! Their debut single features a smooth R&B feel with the bridge done by Infinite's Dongwoo. I really love this song; I love pretty much everything that Woolim throws at me! But what strikes me is the story of this MV. Check it out below:

It's just a bit odd in that through my eyes, is a somewhat lesbian... relationship? Am I right? haha I truly do not know what the concept of this is, all I can say is that THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. WITH BRILLIANT VOICES.

And Dongwoo ah... -melts-


Baby Soul actually debuted with a song a few months back called Stranger with Wheesung:

It is just an absolutely beautiful song. To me it's like a Korean version of Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love. Except that this is just so much more emotional and heartbreaking.

In fact, Baby Soul also participated in Infinite's Over the Top album with their track Crying.

I feel that this new duo would do just as well as Infinite. Although they are a vocal group and have not performed live yet, I hope they become successful.

~Gotta go
Don't you wanna be on top
Can't you see that I can't stop
Watch and listen, cause it's hot, hot, hot~

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