Sunday, 8 January 2012

Confessions on U-Kiss' Alexander

Okay yes I know... this is just a really bad album cover. Seriously, I love him, but he isn't very umm, how should I put it.. photogenic.

Like really, he has potential to look like THIS:


I can just fantasize that as his next concept.. -drool-


01. I Just
02. Oh Baby
03. Bad Girl (ENG Ver.)
I'm very content with two things: Firstly, he isn't "FORMER U-KISS MEMBER ALEXANDER" any more, it has now come down to (solo artist) Alexander, which makes me a proud.. uhh, I don't think there is a fanclub name yet. Secondly, it's his first single album! YAY. I hope he keeps producing music and making collaborations with other artists.
The MV for the title track, I Just, was filmed in both Japanese and English versions and was released simultaneously in Japan as well as the rest of Asia. What stands out for me is his third song Bad Girl which is in English. I love the melody and the R&B feel to it. I'm expecting Xander to put his talent to his advantage and eventually produce music that will please countries from all over Asia.
1. I Just MV

2. Oh Baby

3. Bad Girl

I Just is undeniably a low budget MV kahaha but it's cute.

But you know... because I'm a KissMe...


~I gotta break it, let's pop~

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