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Confessions on SHINee First Concert - SHINee World

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Track listing

  1. "The Shinee World"
  2. "Senorita"
  3. "Get Down"
  4. "Amigo"
  5. "Juliette "
  6. "Hello "
  7. "Your Name"
  8. "Stand by Me "
  9. "Love Still Goes On"
  10. "A-Yo"
  11. "Romantic"
  12. "Yok (Obsession)"
  13. "Graze"
  14. "Replay -君は僕のeverything- "
  15. "Love Like Oxygen "
  16. "Quasimodo"
  17. "Life"
  18. "Ring Ding Dong"
  19. "Up & Down"
  20. "Ready or Not"
  21. "Lucifer "
  22. "Jo Jo (Encore)"
  23. "Bodyguard (Encore)"
  24. "One (Encore)"
  25. "Finale (Thanks) (Encore)"
  26. Shinee The 1st Concert In Japan "Shinee World" Offshot Document Movie (Bonus Movie)
As I posted a while ago, I will be reviewing the concert DVDs that I recieved last month. SHINee's 1st Concert in Japan happened during January 2011 after their Lucifer promotions, before the release of the Japanese version of Replay (Kimi no Everything).

My version is unofficial, but it is still has the same content as the this one:

The one shown above is the Limited Edition 2DVD + Photobook which is around $145. Mine is just a small fraction of it kahaha

This Concert was quite impressive in that their vocals, dance and overall performance was strong and energetic. Stand out songs were Amigo (rock version), Ayo, Ring Ding Dong, Ready or Not and of course, Lucifer.

SHINee World made an excellent opening, introducing each member and showing each of their talents. The first few songs were energy-packed with non-stop dances like Juliette. Then it moves into a slower section with songs like the Japanese version of Stand By Me, Romantic, Graze and Replay. After a few costume changes and story-based songs/performances, the group then jump back into life with their signature tracks Ring Ding Dong and Lucifer, finishing the show with JoJo and an encore performance of One.

 Ayo is my favourite performance as it is one of the few songs that made SHINee seem like they were enjoying themselves and actually having fun. Sometimes it feels like SM is sucking the life and energy out of these boys and this song is really refreshing and enjoyable to hear.

The one thing I was disappointed about was the lack of solo performances. I was expecting to see Key and Taemin's performance of My First Kiss (original by 3OH!3 and Kesha) and Minho performing OMG (original by Usher).

Overall, I really loved this concert. I loved all those fun, humorous snippets of their Japanese interview that was included; really worth seeing.

SHINee should come to Australia again, there are such things as Australian Shawols!

~Oh! Let me got a doo-bop doo-bop doo-bop!
Oh! Let me got a doo-bop doo-bop doo-bop! ~

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