Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Confessions on Supernova's Stupid Love Single


Track List:1. Stupid Love
2. Saturday
3. Stop Girl
4. Stupid Love (Inst.)
5. Saturday (Inst.)
6. Stop Girl (Inst.)

Wow sorry I'm a bit late with updates.. been a tad lazy :(
But I was so pumped for this release. I know Supernova aren't that popular in Korea, but Japanese people LOOOOOOVE them. It's a bit freaky that they debuted before SHINee or 2PM!

To start things off, that is one fantastic album cover. It's cool, right? unlike some...
e.g. CNBLUE - First Step Album:

or Block B - Kids on the Block Mini Album:

Putting that aside, here's the MV for their title track Stupid Love:

It's.. very ordinary, don't you think? There isn't any wow-factor or anything; I actually like Stop Girl a lot more than Stupi-tupi love~ It's damn addictive though. It just echoes in your head. Stop Girl is my absolute favourite, perhaps it's because I fall in love with songs that have a nice piano intro haha

Supernova also performed at Hello Japan 2012 on the 27th of April along with other idol groups such as U-Kiss, MBLAQ and 4Minute. Below is their performance of Stupid Love and Saturday:

Listening to: Shinhwa - Hurt

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