Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Confessions on My K-Pop Life Episode 23

More (male) K-Pop should take Shinhwa's example :D

The other day, I discovered something FACINATING. I am confessing that I am a newly turned SHINHWA CHANGJOOOO! and I'm loving it. They experience more bromance than any 2Min, Eunhae, Hanchul, Yunjae, or any bloody couple out there!

I bet your favourite idols don't have a... wait for it.. NUDE. PHOTO. BOOK.

More naked Shinhwa. Our favourite groups need to follow their example.

I hunted forever for this picture. God, I love the internet.

Hunted everywhere for these pics. God, I love the internet.
There is this FANTASTIC photo of Dongwan. Nude. With a branch covering his uhh, thing. and another of Junjin with a great view of his butt. Nude. Unfortunately, I can't find them TT.TT

Discovered this through their guest appearance on Win Win which you can watch here.

I am like, half their age. Yet I love them soooooooo much since their 10th album came out. SO proud of them for winning last week! It feels really strange, considering that they debuted not long after I was born..

Biases are Hyesung and Junjin. Is Hyesung just paired with anyone and everyone??


Listening to: Supernova - Stupid Love

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