Saturday, 9 March 2013

Confessions on U-Kiss' "STANDING STILL"

None of us have updated this blog in a long time, so I thought it was about time to write something. There's no better group to talk about than U-Kiss!

OH MY!! They're finally back in Korea! To be honest, these boys are so busy all the time that I'm surprised they haven't all passed out yet! I'm glad that they are releasing more Korean music but is there any chance of them getting a break!? Like seriously!? PLEASE! On a lighter note, WELCOME BACK AJ!!

The song didn't hit me as strongly as Stop Girl did but it was nice the first time I heard it. The vocals are wonderful as always but I didn't find the song particularly catchy at first. Man was I wrong. I'm totally addicted to it now. I still don't like it as much as Stop Girl but it definitely has grown on me significantly. It's nice to hear some substantial English sentences and not just random words and phrases scattered throughout the song.

The MV is simple and a classic dance MV (with some confusing shots of a green eyed woman?). They all look good (though Dongho's hair isn't the best hair they could have give him). I don't even mind AJ's blue tint. Who cares!? He's back! Hoon I think looks the best. Wow!

The dance doesn't stand out as much as their other dances. There isn't particularly a strong movement that I can follow along with and the leg movement that is their supposed dance point, isn't strong and eye-catching enough for me. However, U-Kiss still impresses through synchronization and energy in this dance.

Quick note about the rest of the <Collage> album. I love it. Great songs and I love the duets between Soohyun and Hoon and AJ and Eli. Kevin's solo also is great. You've got a dubset intro, dance songs, ballads, cute serenades and partayyy songs. I think there's a song for everyone in this album. :)

Listening to: U-Kiss- Standing Still

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