Saturday, 21 April 2012

Song Battle: 4minute's Volume Up vs SISTAR's Alone



4minute - Volume Up Tracklist:
1. Get On The Floor
2. Volume Up
3. I’m OK
4. Say My Name
5. Femme Fatale
6. Dream Racer
7. Black Cat
SISTAR - Alone Tracklist:
1. Come Close
2. Alone
3. No Mercy
4. Lead Me
5. Girls on Top
6. I choose to Love You
7. Alone (ins.)

Wow, the k-pop stage is seriously awesome at the moment! I mean, we have EXO, Sistar, Shinhwa, SHINee, B1A4, BtoB, CNBLUE, NU'EST, 4minute, Nell and so many more; what a great time to go to Korea!

Okay to begin with, let me just say that I seriously loved Volume Up a billion times more than Alone. It was just visually amazing, giving similar vibes to Miss A's Touch. I love the wardrobe department and the whole vampiric-goddess-angel-demon concept of it all. Although 90% of it was Hyuna and there are substantial amounts of high ear-piercing screaming (gratitude to Jiyoon), it is seriously adictive and something haunting about it all; I just freaking love it!


There isn't really any distinctive choreo in htis besides this lesbian moment:

I can't even put my feelings of this into words..

Anywho, I felt that Jihyun really stood out to me for the first time. She is so pretty in this!
And Sohyun's long hair was UH-mazing!


The only bits which I didn't like was Hyuna's fast-talking / rapping sections. It just deflated the whole gist of the song. But Jiyoon really deserves a medal for all her screaming; really commendable!

Okay let's talk about Alone. All honest truth, I instantly hated it. It was all Hyorin which made me think why does Dasom bother carrying a mic??  But in saying that, after the first 5 seconds, I felt like was watching porn or something really inappropriate. My first thoughts was that their concept were 'hookers', which would have been incredibly awkward, but would explain the choreo. Get the picture?


I bet the sexy leg lifts are going to be a popular K-pop move now =.="

This song is slowly growing on me, but the biased me prefers 4minute. Mind you, I cringe at every live performances of Alone, solely because I fear one of them will break their leg or something whilst doing that move up there ^

Very wobbly..

Listening to: JYJ - Empty

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