Monday, 2 April 2012

Confessions on SHINee's Sherlock Album

Chinese Bag... Chinese Bag... *repeat*

Okay despite the odd bits of Engrish, this is actually a really nice album. While us Shawols had to wait for 1 and a half years, I think it's worth the wait. (This is uber long - lots of confessing :))

I am just so pleased with this album *fangirls*
Taemin's Lucifer-girl-hair is back, Key is back to dying his hair into rainbows, Jonghyun and Onew's voices are killing me once again, Key is rapping (*squeal*) ... I can easily ignore Minho :D

Give it up for SHINee!

Sherlock is a really smooth remix of Clue and Note which is great. I fucking love it. Favourite part is Onew's solo bit: sex to my ears hnnng.. The MV doesn't really speak to me; my belief is that SM is investing more into EXO.. Anyway, the choreography is damn hard! has anyone tried the chorus?



Yeah.. fufufu thanks to Simon and Martina, Taemin's part is eternally ruined.. (2.07)


I quite like Clue and Note as individual songs, although I prefer Clue. Honesty is my favourite song as I like more SHINee slow ballad stuff than their mainstream doof doof. I heard a lot of people liked Stranger more than Sherlock and I felt the same at first. The LA LA LA LA LA LA LA thing is addictive, yeah? Jonghyun really owns a lot of this album, his voice is WONDERFULFULFUL! I feel that Minho is starting to feel like a backup dancer / singer for this album which makes me sad because I fell in love with him during the RDD era..


But if one thing is agreeable, Jonghyun AND Onew are getting hotter, RIGHT?


Gotta love how their album covers make it look as though they just woke from an orgy..

no it's just Taemin :)

Listening to: Shinhwa - Venus

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