Monday, 2 April 2012

Confessions on Super Junior's Super Show 4 Australia

I freaking worship Super Junior. When I discovered that they will be coming to Sydney, I literally bent down to my knees and cried - MBLAQ style.

So they're performing in Allphones Arena on Saturday May 5th for the first time in Australia!
I tried to argue to my parents that all my potential husbands would be there - they were't very impressed, especially how the youngest is 23 :(


This is just.. so not happening..

OKAY my dilemmas include:

1. It's in Sydney, I'm in Melbourne
2. Screw mid year exams!
3. That Saturday I have camp :(
4. So freaking expensive..
5. I know friends who have got a standing ticket
6. All 9 of them are just.. so. damn. perfect! and I can't see them..

so close, yet so far away..
*Cue depressing OST music*

Everyone says that they will be back for future Super Shows, but I've heard rumours that they will be breaking up sometime in the next 2 years as they are getting old / need to join the army..

This is so heartbreaking. WAEEEE!??

Listening to: B2ST - Fiction

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