Saturday, 3 December 2011

Confessions on After School's Uee

Uee has been in the spotlight for a while and it seems that she has many fans and anti's. In a way, her popularity is similar to SNSD's Yoona in that they are both the 'actors' of their groups. Arguably, she is the most popular member in After School.

So my confession is: Why do so many people hate her?

I quite like Uee. I mean, she is pretty and is great on variety shows. I heard from a discussion thread that people dislike her because her face is so dead-panned and expressionless; she always seem to be 'glaring' and hardly smiles. However many idols have confessed that she is their ideal type.

I don't know why, but I find her looking like a clone to Wonder Girl's Sohee. Is this just me??


Anyway.. Anotheer reason is perhaps her character in the K-drama 'You're Beautiful' where she played the bitchy girl who tried to make Tae Kyung break up with Mi Nam by sabotaging Mi Nam's real identity.

On another note, Pledis has released a 'family' song called Love Letter, featuring After School, Son Dam Bi and the to-debut boys group Pledis Boys. To be honest, it's a little boring. It sounds like the exact same as Star Empire's Shooting Star. I guess that songs like these have to be made in the spirit if Christmas..

~Cry Cry, can't you see the Music~

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